Brithinee Quality

Brithinee Quality repairs use only DuPont NOMEX® sheet insulation material for slot cells, top sticks and phase insulation. NOMEX® provides superior performance at high temperatures and superior electrical and mechanical resistance, extending the life and reliability of motors and generators.

Brithinee Electric is the only motor and generator rewind company to use quadruple-build film-coated copper wire as a standard in their process. Essex®quad-build copper wire is custom-made to Brithinee’s specifications. Unlike industry standard double-build wire, or multiple dips and bakes, the extra coatings of quad-build wire virtually eliminate the random occurrence of “pin holes” which lead to motor shorts. This proprietary wire is available only with Brithinee Quality rewinds and is a part of the “over-engineering” we believe makes good sense.

Brithinee Quality repairs use genuine SKF, Koyo, or other top-tier bearings. We never compromise on quality bearings just to save a nickel. In addition, our investment in precision, computer-controlled machinery and team training redefines quality as we take the extra steps to restore bearing housings and shaft journals to the same, exacting limits used by the best motor manufacturers. This results in longer bearing and motor life.Brithinee Quality Materials
We research and test all the materials used in our motor rewinds.

Brithinee Quality Craftsmanship
Our highly experienced motor specialists blend both state-of-the-art machinery and skilled hands to rebuild motors to their original specifications or better.

For more on why we exclusively use NOMEX® see the NOMEX® / Brithinee Case Study

Brithinee White Paper “Belt and Suspenders”

That’s why all Brithinee repairs use insulation of DuPont™ Nomex®nomex