Brithinee Electric Job Description

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Job Title: Mechanic B

Effective Date: 7/22/99

Job Summary:
Disassemble, inspect, test and assemble electric motors with supervision.

Work Performed:

Disassemble motors and motor parts
Inspect motors and motor parts
Conduct surge, megger, run-test, high potential tests on AC motors
Document tests and inspections
Clean motors and parts as necessary
Complete all required paperwork in an accurate and timely fashion.
Identify and record bearings
Record results from assembled motors
Mask motors for varnish dipping
Deliver or pick up motors as necessary
Education Required:

High school diploma or GED
Training Required:

No specific training required. On-the-job training is sufficient

Valid driver’s license
Good driving record
Experience Required:

At least one year mechanical experience
Knowledge Required:

Mechanical principles
Electrical principles of AC motors
Basic mathematics – using formulas
Familiarity with shop equipment including, but not limited to, forklift, overhead cranes and hoists, parts washer, sand blaster, bake oven, varnish tanks, hydraulic presses, hand tools
Skills Required:

Gas welding helpful
Use of dial indicators
Maintain accurate records
Sketch motor assemblies
Use of hydraulic presses
Use of hand and power tools
Coordinate activities on multiple projects in various stages of completion
Remain flexible in face of demands for change
Job Analysis

Information Input

Read and interpret technical manuals and charts
Read and interpret various measuring devices and gauges and compare to specified industry charts
Evaluate information received from various senses
Mental Processes
Decision Making

Limited individual decision making

Analyze physical layout of motor/part
Solve problems using mechanical principles
Information Processing

Read material of technical nature (manuals)
Communicate verbally with coworkers regarding tear down procedures and inspection
Vigilant/discriminating Work Activities:

Conduct tear-down of motor/part while maintaining detailed documentation and measurements
Work Output

Completed motors
Relationships with Others

Work under supervision for basic tear-down and inspection/testing process
Frequently consult with other mechanics or machinists to resolve problems
Little contact with customers, vendors or the public
Job Context

Work is conducted in noisy, clean or dirty, dusty environment
Specialized tools and equipment are close at hand
Observe all safety procedures and use proper protective gear
Frequent use of hand and power tools
Frequent use of drills, presses, bake and burning oven, washing machine, and sand blaster, cranes, cutting saws, torch, forklift and hand-trucks
Manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination required
Repetitive tasks
Considerable physical activity including lifting, bending, stretching, and reaching
Fine motor control required for assembly tasks
Other Job Characteristics

Position is regular 8-hour day, 40-hour week
Frequent overtime
Compensation is hourly
Workday is structured according to work orders
Work attire is a uniform
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