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  • Motor Cut-a-wayRewinds with inverter voltage spike resistant insulation system
  • Computer-assisted winding data check and redesign
  • Vacuum-impregnation with 100% solids polyester resin
  • Electrical testing and evaluation
  • Testing and repair of stator core-iron laminations
  • Complete in-house machine and fabrication shop
  • Dynamic balancing

Repair Report Sample


  • All components meet Brithinee’s standards for quality.
  • Our technicians are fastidious about their attention to detail.
  • Our motor control panels are custom engineered to the use and the circumstances
  • We supply detailed, as-built documentation for every control panel.
  • Our organized layouts are considerate of the installer, save time and money, and reduce the possibility of error.


  • Today’s new digital technology allows more reliable and flexible control of your existing motors.
  • You can count on Brithinee Electric to stay abreast of current technology and innovations.
  • We custom engineer and program your control panels, with your purpose and your motors in mind.


  • We can build your panel fast, sometimes before others can work up their quotations.
  • Our innovative open floor assembly plant is designed for efficient construction of custom panels, no matter how large or complex.
  • No waiting for a place in the production line, and no sacrifice of Brithinee Quality.