Brithinee Electric is one of the largest sellers of NEMA Premium Efficiency industrial electric motors. These motors are the highest electrical efficiency motors available today, these motors can save enough energy to pay for the difference in cost in months. Ask our Motor Sales department specialists how you can lower your power bills with these new high efficiency motors.

Our product lines and manufacturers:


A member of the ABB Group
Indistrial AC and DC motors and drives

Brook Crompton

Industrial AC motors, IEC and NEMA

DBR Radicon

Gear reducers and geared motors

Leeson Regal-Beloit

Industrial AC and DC motors

Sterling Electric

Industrial AC motors and geared motors


Solid state motor starters
Motor winding heaters

Nidec US Motors

Industrial and commercial AC motors
Vertical pump motors

SEW Eurodrive

Industrial geared motors


Sterling Electric

Industrial AC motors and geared motors


Motor protection relays

Tatung Electric

Industrial AC motors


Industrial AC motors


Industrial AC motors and drives

Toshiba International Corporation

Industrial AC motors, low and medium voltage
Adjustable speed drives
Vacuum contactors and motor starters

Weg Electric

Industrial AC motors
Solid-state motor starters
Adjustable speed drives

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