The U.S. government enacted a law in 2007 that went into effect in December, 2010, which elevated the efficiency levels for numerous types of industrial electric motors.  The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) raises the efficiency bar on motors both made in the USA and imported into the USA, after last December 19th 2010.

Brithinee Electric has long been committed to stocking and promoting energy efficient and NEMA Premium efficient electric motors, as well as preserving a motor’s efficiency during our repair process.

In fact, Brithinee Motor Classes serve to explain how manufacturers design greater efficiency into new motors and how Brithinee Innovation and Brithinee Quality maintain efficiency when our repair service is needed.

EISA supplants the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) which went into effect in 1997.  Many motor types, which were not covered by EPACT, are included in coverage by EISA.  Whereas EPACT regulated general purpose NEMA motors from 1 to 200 horsepower, low voltage, 1200, 1800, and 3600 RPM, EISA’s rules go clear to 500 HP, also 900 RPM, and cover numerous motors previously exempted as special duty.

This broader federal mandate makes many popular motors obsolete. For example, metric motors (IEC frames) must now meet the older EPACT-level efficiencies.  Similarly, motors in the 201-500 HP range now must be built in a higher efficiency design than previously offered.

Possible Stock-outs

Manufacturers commonly are trying to sell off their pre-EISA stock (that’s perfectly legal) before they embark upon redesigning their product to the post-EISA efficiency level.  This is causing stock outages for extended periods on some motor ratings.  We’re noticing it particularly in the metric motor ratings.  Europe is behind the USA in mandating high efficiency by about five years, but European demand for IEC motors is far larger than USA demand, so manufacturers have been slow to create the new designs required by EISA for the relatively small USA market.  Hence, many ratings are difficult to find in stock.

A similar condition exists in some NEMA medium motors over 200 horsepower. As an example, a 500 horsepower motor might have been available in both standard and NEMA PremiumÔ efficiency, but a larger frame was required to achieve the highest efficiency. Now the standard model is illegal to make, so the manufacturer must decide if it’s practical to make a new, more efficient design in the smaller frame to meet the rigors of EISA.  This enigma for the motor manufacturer can create a dilemma for a motor user who needs a replacement quickly.

Repair Options

Fortunately, Brithinee Electric can usually repair the old motor in far less time than the manufacturer can engineer and then make a new motor design that meets EISA rules (we call that Brithinee Rapid Response).

Trust us to offer new, high efficiency motors when available, and to solve your urgent needs through repair when they are not.

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