Most of our All About Motors articles were written by Richard L. Nailen, P.E.

Dick began his long career in the motor industry in 1953, designing large AC motors and generators for Westinghouse Electric. In 1964, he joined the Louis Allis Company where he was involved in the design and application of large induction motors.

In 1985, Dick retired from Louis Allis and went to work for the Wisconsin Electric Power Company where he worked on the application, maintenance, repair and testing of all the motors in the utility’s generating stations.

Dick is the author of more than 400 published articles on electric motors and generators, 23 IEEE papers on motor design and application. His books The Plant Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Electrical Motors and Managing Motors are frequently used resources throughout the industry.

He is an IEEE life fellow and has served on numerous IEEE committees and has been an instructor for EPRI motors classes.

He is the Engineering Editor of Electrical Apparatus Magazine and a member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Technical Services Committee and was the 1998 recipient of the EASA Exceptional Achievement and Service Award for his more than 40 years of outstanding contributions to the motor industry.

Dick and his wife, Bernice, live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area where he pursues his life-long interest in history, fire fighting and railroad equipment.