San Bernardino Valley Electric Power Firsts and Benchmarks

The San Bernardino Valley had many of the innovations that led to the world’s municipal power development. While many assume that development of electric power usage was primarily in the eastern US, Inland Empire engineers and capitalists created the world’s standard for power generation still used today. Most of today’s three-phase motors are as a result of local developments. Such as:

  • First hydroelectric generating plant in California-Highgrove Hydroelectric Plant, Riverside & Colton
  • Long distance electric power transmission via transformers-San Antonio Light and Power Company-Pomona
  • First three-phase A.C. generator-Redlands Light and Power Company
  • First electric irrigation pumping-Redlands 1894
  • First commercially viable three-phase synchronous motors-Mentone Ice Company.
  • First three-phase power system and lighting -Redlands
  • Completed components for modern municipal power standards-Southern California Light and Power Company-Redlands
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