Brithinee Electric Job Description

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Job Title: Winder B

Effective Date: 7/21/99

Job Summary:
Wind motors as directed by supervisor or Winder A.

Work Performed:

Strip motors and collect data on measurements
Cut heads and test the core
Place motors in burn oven
Take initial winding data
Wind, insert and connect coils
Test complete windings
Use VPI system
Strip stators
Education Required:

High school diploma
Industry training classes for motor winding
Training Required:

On-the-job training is sufficient

None required
Experience Required:

At least one year electrical work
Knowledge Required:

Basic winding principles and theory
Basic math
Safe work practices
Skills Required:

Remain flexible in face of demands for change
Maintain work pace comparable to others
Job Analysis

Information Input

Read connection diagram charts
Read gauges
Read measuring devices and instruments
Mental Processes
Decision Making

Little independent decision making

Analyze physical and logical layout of motor and wiring
Information Processing

Read material of a technical nature (manuals, etc.)
Communicate verbally with co-workers for planning and execution of work activities
Solve problems using electrical principles
Vigilant/discriminating Work Activities:

Construction to high level of precision and accuracy because failure could result in the complete electrical failure of the motor
Work Output

Relationships with Others

Work within group of winding department workers
Job Context

Work conducted in either very clean or very dirty and dusty environments
Work completed according to work orders/assignments
Fumes present such as resin
Dust, dirt, soldering fumes present
Heavy lifting using overhead cranes
Frequent use of hand and power tools
Frequent use of head cutter, grinders, air grinder, coil winding machine, forklift, bandsaw, foot shears, hand shears
Continuous eye-hand coordination with repetitive activity of winding
Occasional use of over-head cranes; manual dexterity and physical exertion required
Considerable physical activity including lifting, bending, stretching, and reaching
Other Job Characteristics

Position is regular 8-hour day, 40-hour week with frequent overtime
Compensation is hourly
Work is structured, highly prescribed according to work orders
Priorities may shift on daily basis
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